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By that point, the decision had been made to use Japanese characters in "The Gathering", so using Beast Wars the Second and Beast Wars Neo characters was a no brainer. Also, it is undeniable that fans love Japanese characters, and including them also allowed us to expand the IDW Beast Wars-verse beyond the television show. Following our general guidelines, so long as the character had a toy made, we went with making a profile. In Fractyl's case, we stayed with the "Beast Wars" version of him since his later Transmetal form was part of a rather murky area in continuity that we did not consider necesarily a part of the IDW Beast Wars. Beast Wars: The Gathering is a four-issue comic book mini-series, published by IDW Publishing. The series was launched with 1 in February 2006 and ended with 4 in May. It has since been republished as a trade paperback. The story is set in the continuity of the Beast Wars CG animated series. A number of comics set in the continuity of the Beast Wars cartoon have been published since the show's end, most notably two mini-series and a profile book by IDW comics. Contents[show] Convention Comics 3H Botcon comics The first post-cartoon Beast Wars material. When 3H held the rights to the.

This is a sortable list of characters and toys in the Beast Wars franchise, part of the larger Transformers franchise, from Hasbro. This includes characters appearing in an. Predacon general Magmatron travels back to the era of the Beast Wars on prehistoric Earth. His mission: to pick up where Ravage failed and retrieve the rogue Megatron, but his actual plan is to gather an army from the Axalon's stasis pods and return home to conquer Cybertron. The home of fandom!. Uncover the secret history of Britain's greatest monster hunter from Lore creator Aaron Mahnke! 22/10/2016 · In this dark world, a Maximal and a Predacon work together to survive the threat of the Destructons. Also, yes, I forgot the "primusprime22" intro. Don't forget to like and share the video if you like this channel and want to see it grow! → TRANSFORMERS LORE: TRANSFORMERS X EVANGELION: TRANSFORMERS MODE "EVA" FT. TWISTED AMBITION.

Simon Furman Transformers: Beast Wars: The Gathering and Ben Yee consultant on the Beast Wars TV series team up to present an all-encompassing, unifying resource book highlighting the characters, worlds and technology from all generations and incarnations of BEAST WARS. 27/10/2019 · IDW January 2020 Transformers Comics Solicitations Features the Beast Wars and G1 Predacons. Thanks to Previews World we have a rundown of the IDW Transformers titles heading our way this January. Check out the great reading IDW has in store for us.

The Beast Wars-the time-lost series of conflicts on Earth, where heroic Maximals are pitted against evil Predacons-is celebrating its 10th anniversary with this special miniseries. In chapter one, as one strand of the Beast Wars rages on, another is just beginning. Beast Wars was succeeded by Beast Machines, a new series with a new creative team in charge of production. The Maximals find themselves back on Cybertron, malfunctioning and trapped in their first beast modes the ones they had at the beginning of Beast Wars.

Template:Other uses Beast Wars is a comic book series by IDW Publishing, based upon Hasbro's toy line and the original television series. The series is set in-continuity with the television series, but also uses characters that were made into toys but not featured in the series. The flashbacks have a wonderfully dream-like quality to them that gives you a sense of Cybertron's rather dark look during the age of the Pax Cybertronia. This is something we received hints of during the Beast Wars series. Fortunately the Beast Wars toys were very bright and diverse in their color schemes, giving the colorist a lot to work with. 15/12/2017 · Beast Machines Cartoons. This focuses on the Beast Machines Cartoon Series of Optimus Primal. Part to of the Parts Wars Cartoon. Transformers: Beast Wars Transmetals N64- This focus on the video from Nintendo 64 N64 Video Game of Optimus Primal. Optimus Primal IDW Comics- This focus on The Transformers IDW Comic of Optimus Primal.

21/04/2018 · A post from Weibo has shared images of an upcoming Chinese edition of the IDW Beast Wars Comics. Update: Thanks to 2005 Boards member Kafuka Fuura, this pre-order page on Taobao prices 165.00 Yuan for all three books $26.20 approximately and the expected release day is around May 15th. You can. Beast Wars Neo Destrons Solo en Japón, aunque se refiere como el Destrons, ya que siguen siendo animales transformadores base y en realidad son Predacons. Magmatron: Líder equivalente a Megatron Su modo de bestia es un Giganotosaurus / Elasmosaurus / Quetzalcoatlus. Él es un tri-Fuzor. Él apareció en el 2006 la serie cómica IDW Beast Wars. 17/04/2011 · A look at the freaky fire ant. Also check out my buddy MrVash here on youtube /user/MrVash104.

Back when Revelation concluded, there was an IDW Beast Wars project on the table, I was really excited. I went ahead and started designing a few Beast Wars characters, but Hasbro pulled all Beast Wars projects at the time. In the era of the Beast Wars, a battle continues to rage between the Maximals and Predacons. The aerial superiority of the Predacons is quickly turning the tide of the battle in their favor. The Maximals gain a brief respite when Grimlock joins the battle but the battle is still going badly for the Maximals.

Teletraan I: The Transformers Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. View Mobile Site Counter-Strike EndgameHonest UpsideDown. In a way, this pragmatic Magmatron is very much the one you would expect to have led a team of Dinobots in another reality during the Beast Machines run. Plus, Magmatron was never portrayed as a psychopath in the animated Beast Wars Neo series. When push came to shove, he did what was right for Cybertron over his own safety. Transformers: Beast Wars - The Ascending Transformers Idw by Simon Furman 28-Feb-2008 Paperback: Simon Furman: Libros.

Transformers: Beast Wars - The Ascending [Simon Furman, Don Figueroa] on. FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Spiraling out of the events in Beast Wars: The Gathering. Magmatron — now a disembodied entity. Flag as Inappropriate. In the TV animation field, Furman has written on shows including Beast Wars, Dan Dare, X-Men: Evolution, and A.T.O.M., and served as lead writer and script supervisor on The Matt Hatter Chronicles. Editorially, Furman worked on Titan Books' range of Transformers. Predacon general Magmatron travels back to the era of the Beast Wars on prehistoric Earth. His mission: to pick up where Ravage failed and retrieve the rogue Megatron, but his actual plan is to gather.

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